Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Teachers in Abu Dhabi are the first line educators working with students to help them achieve academic goals, grow as individuals and citizens and set them up for a bright future in the Abu Dhabi school system - to post-secondary education and beyond. As a teacher of second language learners, you are a bridge to a language and a world of knowledge as well as a culture. While teaching in Abu Dhabi, In many ways you will be an ambassador of global culture to the children of the UAE. Whether you're working a teaching job at a kindergarten, primary or secondary school, you'll be in for a challenge. Teachers will need all their skill and ingenuity to thrive and help the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) accomplish their mission of upgrading the education system in Abu Dhabi to world-class standards.

The building of the Al Yosoon school, a public school in Abu Dhabi

The information below lists the various teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi, UAE we have available.

  • Kindergarten Teachers - apply for this job
    KG classes in Abu Dhabi are mixed-gender. As a kindergarten teacher you apply your expertise in early childhood education to set children up for success in their future academic life. Positions for KG teachers are for females only.
  • Cycle 1 English Medium Teachers - apply for this job
    English Medium Teachers or EMTs are the people preparing the students of the UAE to be global citizens. For Cycle 1 students, this means introducing them to English lanuage and Anglo-American culture. Thanks to your efforts, once students proceed to Cycle 2 they will be equipped with a basic knowledge of the English language.
  • Cycle 2 English Medium Teachers - apply for this job
    Students in Cycle 2 are ready to take on more complex challenges and build on their basic knowledge of English. You will help them upgrade their skills and acquire the level of language proficiency required to start consuming English language media and delve deeper into English grammar. Because of your work, students have a level of proficieny allowing them to obtain new knowledge using English language instruction.
  • Cycle 2 Science Teachers - apply for this job
    Teaching science is an important part of education - the UAE, like other countries, needs their students to have a solid understanding of how our world works and raise inquisitive and critical thinking citizens. With your proven skills in helping students understand and appreciate the scientific world you will make a difference in preparing future university graduates with a solid foundation.
  • Cycle 2 Math Teachers - apply for this job
    The universal language of mathematics is more essential than ever in an increasingly connected world. All students need to have a basic math foundation to help them thrive in later endeavours - whether it be accounting or engineering. As an experienced math teacher who knows how to make the subject come alive your role is essential in achieving academic growth for your students.
  • Cycle 3 English Medium Teachers - apply for this job
    Teaching the highest grades of the secondary school system is not an easy task. Like at home, students in that age range are developing very rapidly and typically have a hundred things besides school on their mind. Having grown their English language skills through their previous education, they are at a level where they can consume English media and express their thoughts effectively. You will help students elevate their skills to a highly proficient level where they are ready for post-secondary education.

If you're interested in any of these jobs and meet the qualification requirements we're looking forward to receiving your application.