How to obtain a job teaching English in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Teaching jobs with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) are professional positions that pose a challenge and will require you to use all your skills and experience in classroom teaching. We are looking for teachers that love their work and know and to excel in the classroom using their passion for teaching and the desire to help students grow and reach their academic goals.

Teachers will encounter different levels of English proficiency with their students, so it's very important to be flexible and creative in communicating and engaging with them. To thrive as a teacher in Abu Dhabi you'll need at least a year of full-time classroom teaching experience and a valid teaching licence or certification from a recognized accreditation body, like a state or provincially recognized college of teachers (or QTS for British teachers).

The headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Education Council in Abu Dhabi City. A brand new building, its architecture resembles a stack of books.

Below are the required qualifications to be considered for a teaching job with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC):

  • A minimum of a bachelor's degree (4 year degree). A master's degree or a PGCE is a plus.
  • A valid teaching licence from a national, state or provincial licencing authority
  • One year minimum of full-time classroom experience in a public school
  • Affinity with innovative and student-centered learning approaches
  • Proven track record of facilitating and supporting academic achievement
  • Be a native speaker of English holding citizenship from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom or the United States