Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Any teacher who is going to teach public schools in Abu Dhabi is in for a challenge. Jobs with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) are professional, high-salaried positions that will demand all your skills and creativity as a teacher.

Teaching in Abu Dhabi is a very rewarding experience - both from a financial and professional perspective. Teachers with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) collaborate with a team of international professionals to help implement one of the most ambitious education reforms in the world.

Whether as an English Medium Teacher (EMT), science teacher, math teacher or as school principal; the work you do every day will have a real impact on the lives of children in the United Arab Emirates. Your dedication and professionalism will set them up for a bright future in an education system that is rapidly changing and improving.

This is an incredible opportunity for educators to improve their practice and be part of a system that is working to align student performance and education delivery to international standards. Teachers will receive regular professional development sessions to help meet these standards, improving understanding of interactive and varied teaching methods.

A public school building in Abu Dhabi

Below you'll find details on the various teaching positions in Abu Dhabi we're recruiting for. We're hiring teachers in Abu Dhabi for all school types: cycle 1 (primary school, grades 1-5), cycle 2 (middle school, grades 6-9) and cycle 3 (high school, grades 10-12). Take some time to see what matches your qualifications and skill set and we're looking forward to receiving your application!

  • Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Teachers in Abu Dhabi are the first line educators working with students to help them achieve academic goals, grow as individuals and citizens and set them up for a bright future in the Abu Dhabi school system - to post-secondary education and beyond. As a teacher of second language learners, you are a bridge to a language and a world of knowledge as well as a culture. While teaching in Abu Dhabi, In many ways you will be an ambassador of global culture to the children of the UAE. Whether you're working a teaching job at a kindergarten, primary or secondary school, you'll be in for a challenge. Teachers will need all their skill and ingenuity to thrive and help the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) accomplish their mission of upgrading the education system in Abu Dhabi to world-class standards.
  • Jobs for principals and administrators in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Principals and Vice-Principals in Abu Dhabi, UAE are the leaders who facilitate the success of educators in their school. Working closely with their team to monitor academic performance and the teaching curriculum, they keep schools running smoothly and are the guardians of quality and performance. In this position of leadership you will work on implementing the policies of the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and will carry the end responsibility for the overall performance of your school.
  • Interview Locations for teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    All teaching jobs with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) require in-person interviews. Interviews take about 30-45 minutes and will be with a representative from ADEC traveling from the UAE to the various interview locations. It's important to perform well during these interviews as it's the ADEC representatives who will decide whether or not to issue a letter of offer to you. During the interview for your teaching job in Abu Dhabi, be prepared to be concrete and to the point.
  • Questions about English teaching jobs, Math teaching jobs, Science teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi

    We understand everyone wanting to obtain a teaching job in Abu Dhabi, UAE has many questions. Our recruiting team gets a lot of questions from teachers ranging from "how will I be housed" to "can I drink the water" to "can I bring my dog". Many questions have been asked before by other teachers in Abu Dhabi, so to make things easier for you we've collected some of the most common questions applicants ask us. We know moving abroad for a teaching job in Abu Dhabi, UAE is stressful and coming prepared is half the work. We've tried to answer everything as complete as possible.
  • Math teaching jobs, physics teaching jobs, chemistry teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The Institute of Applied Technology offers Careeer-based Technical Education (CTE) in English at the secondary and tertiary levels. There are 7 campuses located throuthout the UAE - in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Al Fujarah. Abu Dhabi is the seat of the directorate. IAT is an umbrella encompassing several academies such as Abu Dhabi Polytechnic and the Fatima College of Health Sciences. The group employs math teachers, physics teachers, science teachers, chemistry teachers, biology teachers and teachers of applied mechanical and electrical sciences.